11 Fragen an Michael Gordon

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Michael Gordon wurde 1956 in Miami Beach geboren und wuchs am Stadtrand von Managua (Nicaragua) auf. Michael Gordon ist Mitbegründer und stellvertretender Intendant von „Bang on a Can“ (New York), die sich der Darbietung von Neuer Musik verschrieben haben. Am 30. September wird er mit einer Uraufführung auf dem Beethovenfest Bonn zu hören sein.

Which music makes you strong?
Almost any music lifts my spirits, elevates me, gives me energy, inspires me.

Which music makes you weak?
Music can not make you weak. You can simply like it or not like it.

What music makes you switch the radio straight off?
talk radio.

What ring tone would you have on your mobile?
I don’t care.

If you were „King of Germany“: What would you do first?
I would resign.

What was your first record?
I don’t remember.

Which is your favourite Beatles song?
Blue Jay Way.

What or whom can you most do without?
This question does not make sense to me.

Which piece of music reminds you of your first date or your first kiss?
First significant date: Brian Eno: Music for Airports.

What did Mozart die of?
I don’t know.

Which music will you have at your funeral?
No music.

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